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Hospitality has been around forever. However, today, success in hospitality does not rely on the number of elevators or shoe shine machines, minibars or in-room toiletries, but on trust, flexibility, increased privacy/security and on our coworkers and staff members, their personalities, expertise and potential. We support our clients in the areas of operations, strategy, communications, sales, branding, sustainability and culinary concepts to

  • optimize core business operation
  • avoid/uncover hidden quality or performance issues,
  • monitor, audit and personalize customer journeys

resulting in maximized guest loyalty, return rate and spending, hence greater profitability. If you are in travel, lodging or supporting transport and need an outside eye, independent advice, extra horsepower or specialized skills, →  take a look at what we can do for you  or → which industries we serve.


Whether you are a tour operator, hotel, resort or carrier across skies, roads, rails, seas and waterways: We inspire and empower the travel industry to deliver excellence, compelling quality and commitment.

Conferences & Workshops

Book a professional speaker who knows your business. Our inspiring keynotes and workshops deliver insights, strategies, tools and thought provoking content.

Brand Recognition

Search engines, apps and online marketplaces have changed the way we buy travel products forever. But besides to speed, convenience and digital marketing… what truly makes for a good brand experience? Emotionalized product presentations, inspiring dialogues and human touch—that is, creating real connections.

Team Coaching

We all understand that the hospitality industry is often ripe with employee issues and staff fluctuation. Our coaching program and workshops help to create inspired teams, increase performance and improve cohesion and team spirit.


Your benefits:

Expert in hospitality for +30 years

Save costs, staff and time

Practiced sustainability

and culturally

Increase productivity and quality

Excellence in travel and luxury business


Dramatically Different Consulting

At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT we are not offering the same streamlined consulting services like most business analysts.  While commerce, financial sustainability, yield forecasting and property management are success factors, we take a broader view measuring success by People, Performance and Planet. For us, any kind of hospitality would be incomplete if it were solely about commerce. Our work is about commerce with the promise of human connection.

You know how most travel today is, like, I think of it like fast food: It’s efficient, streamlined, automated and consistent, at the cost of personal, local and authentic. What if travel were like a magnificent buffet of local experiences? That’s why our agenda has expanded to help you encompass mind-shift, bespoke service, new environmental sustainability, gender and inclusion initiatives. We are committed to doing our part on climate change, responsible sourcing, preserve fresh and regional cuisine and other pressing sustainability challenges.

No doubt about it – the way we all work is going to change. New innovations will continue to drive the travel industry forward, change behavior, expectations, booking patterns and networked hospitality businesses. We fully embrace new developments and offer result-oriented assistance and consulting aiming towards long-term success. Our advice, services and interventions are custom-made, methodically proven and best practice. They are based on +30 years of experience in upscale travel, consulting and hospitality management.

We are also making conscious efforts to increase the number of women leaders and to support the next generation of hospitality professionals in reaching their full potential. We see our consulting as an awareness-building experience. We want people to recognise the necessity of repairing the damage that we have caused. The energy we consume, the water that we take for granted. The hotel industry can put that idea across. We get our customers involved so that they can spread the good word, resulting in a positive impact on guests, employees and the environment.

“Luxury is a dream. You can’t define it. But you can feel it.”

Kurt Wachtveitl, The Oriental / Laucala

“You can excuse an ugly building if the staff delivers. The people who work in the hotel interacting with the guest are creating the product, they are the people who are important, they are the ones who make it happen.”

Sir Rocco Forte, RF Hotels

“The reason for our success is no secret. It’s the Golden Rule – the simple idea that if you treat people well, the way you would like to be treated, they will do the same.”

Isadore Sharp, Four Seasons

“When the guest arrives, give him an experience that’s ahead of what he anticipates”

Sol Kerzner, ONE&ONLY | Atlantis

“There simply is no “NO” for the guest!”

Hermine Bareiss

Keep it stylish but simple.
Or as Leonardo da Vinci said: „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Cyriacus Schultze

“Hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions”

Kit Kemp, FIRMDALE Hotels

“It is wisdom to profit by yesterday’s mistakes. It is fatal to hang onto yesterday’s victories. You limit yourself. The future should be expanding. Yesterday’s experiences are the foundation on which you build today.”

Conrad Hilton, HILTON

“What makes a great hotel? Intuitive service and an experience of a lifetime.”

Adrian Zecha, AMAN Resorts | AZERAI

“People may forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carl W. Buehner

Created, not made

Good is very definitely not good enough. So don’t compromise on quality! We believe that a merely adequate service, ordinary cuisine and a nice design will probably satisfy the average tourist but will fail to impress the discerning traveller. We help to create authentic guest experiences, incite cultural exchanges, surprise and delight your guests who are increasingly well-travelled, demanding and brand disloyal.

We challenge ourselves – and our clients – to think original. And think potential. Ensuring not only that our ideas are strategically sound, but also that they are scalable.

Our clients are looking for scrupulous analysis and impartial, specialist advice to achieve rapid commercial and cultural impact. We consult, work together, create and execute assignments for many different clients and categories, always using the simple to solve the complex.

Perfection is created, not made.

Our consultants are waiting to help you.

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