We are passionate about helping hospitality and travel brands grow and our story is one of permanent dissatisfaction. With global expertise and local insight our agency helps companies in the travel, lodging and transport business to develop strategies that can evolve to meet shifting traveler tastes, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, fuel greater sales and help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.

A fresh perspective on luxury hospitality

Most hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise operators or travel agents suggest that they offer stellar service, unique experiences and an array of options close to Heaven. We disagree. In reality, there are very few great locations and carriers in the world that are truly special in terms of ambience, service, cuisine and attention to detail. They are a beacon of elegance and grace.

We at HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT are one of the finest possible guardians of that beacon, coaching and assisting the travel industry in setting standards that inspire discerning travellers across the globe. We work discreetly and independently. We operate worldwide. Our intention is to help you provide real luxury and experiences that are both rare and strike a chord in your guests hearts. However, the definition of luxury is a purely personal affair: it’s in the eye of the beholder. Something that is a rarity. With today’s up-scale guests luxury means peaceful seclusion, attentiveness, cordiality, flexibility, meaningful experiences, a lot of space and a lot of options.

Naturally we are aware of all complex operations involved in order to “make the magic happen” and we understand how managers must juggle a variety of tasks, from staff training, marketing the business and encouraging more bookings to balancing revenue and expenses. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We work in many roles to solve our client’s toughest issues, whether as a trusted advisor or a hands-on coach. We integrate passion, world-class problem solving, industry and functional expertise to create change and lasting impact. Unlike most consulting firms we are not operating from behind a desk. Instead we prefer to really connect with our customers, work directly on site and assess personally “from the guest’s point of view”, wether it’s a classic Grand Hotel, a gourmet 10-room inn, a restaurant or any other hospitality enterprise (all sorts of cruise, airlines, etc.) If you’re ready to innovate and fuel your business, HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT can help you imagine, transform and improve …

  • Core business operation

  • Strategy

  • Social business and brand recognition

  • Guest relations and key account management

  • Staff performance

  • Personalized travel experiences

  • F&B, Wine Service and Catering

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What we want

Bold and ambitious, with a challenge and an open mind about how to tackle it.

Difficult things. Like ownable ideas. A changed framework. Increased guest expectations. Job satisfaction and fluctuation. Or imagining new revenue streams.

Curious, energized by ideas. The type of people you’d like to sit next to on a plane (given you’re not trying to get some sleep). Interested in the world around them and how lateral, positive thinking can create opportunity.

Colleagues and people who like what we do and see an opportunity they’d like to help us exploit. To learn more about career opportunities, → click here

We always ensure we are legally compliant, respecting our clients and contacts personal information. To view our Privacy policy, → click here


We know real life is not black and white. We engage hand in hand with our clients, in proximity and in open relationships. We invite them to participate in all the steps in the innovation process. We advocate a world of finesse, subtlety, taste – and elegance.

Meet the team that makes it happen

Our team is our strongest asset: Orchestrated experience and passion working hard and with a smile on out-of-the-box solutions for our clients. Our working languages are German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Entrusting us with your business likely raises a few questions about our expertise, credibility and ability to match you with quality talent. At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT, we blend broad industry knowledge and established expertise with data and research, providing recommendations that will create a commercial impact. Everyone on our team comes with an extensive leadership and management background and we pride ourselves on a humble, focused and zero-nonsense attitude and approach towards all client projects.

The team behind HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT is fairly small. But “small’ doesn’t mean “inefficient”. We believe that great small teams can do things that the traditional all-mighty consulting firms can’t. And that’s because of trust, specialization, personal service and passion (also our rates are lower than one of the big consulting firms).  A team of 6 makes up the core of HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT led by Cyrus Schultz. True to the spirit of the firm, we maintain close ties with our customers. Hence, ongoing attention and personal advice are essential in order to adapt to different markets. All our team members have a deep passion for travel as a lifestyle and bring a diverse set of skills to the table.

Our Office Location

Our roots are in Germany, our home is Europe and our work is international

Our first office is located in a beautiful and secluded, yet accessible area near Heidelberg. It’s a serene place, nestled peacefully between hills and a river, where our creative minds come together to get inspiration, fine tune and discuss their consulting engagement and business cases. However, even though all state-of-the-art technology is available here, the Heidelberg office is intended to be more of a „consultant’s retreat“ than a headquarters for our business operations.  

The headquarters of HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT are conveniently located in an extraordinary business location and Germany’s largest office building, the Squaire Business Center. Thats exactly where internationality is most visible: at Frankfurt Airport. From this European transport hub, we can reach our clients from all over the world in the shortest possible time – and vice versa they can reach us. Please note that all meetings and consultations would strictly operate on appointment only basis from Monday to Saturday. → Click here to contact us and make an appointment. 

Conveniently, both our office locations, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, are only a short 40-minute drive apart.   

Representative Network

We have representative offices in Frankfurt, Rotterdam, London, Barcelona, Dubai and Buenos Aires.

Our work in a globalized world with customers who operate internationally and worldwide, require HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT to have an extensive and well-functioning network of representatives. Our roots are in Germany, our home is Europe and our work is international. International, because travel, business and technology are global.

The main task of our partners working at the representative offices is to report on the respective region’s hospitality developments and political system. The Representative Office in London is responsible for the The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, while the Representative Office in Rotterdam is in charge of the Netherlands and Belgium. Our Buenos Aires contact keeps an eye on all the South American countries, especially in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

It is crucial for our team representing HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT abroad to establish and maintain contact with experts from all the relevant institutions in the travel sector. Moreover, the people representing us abroad promote an exchange of knowledge in addition to establishing and maintaining a valuable personal network with hotels, resorts, spas, travel agencies, cruise lines, restaurants, wine estates and other institutions.

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