In addition to → operational consulting we provide quality audits, mystery shopping and honest advice to the travel industry seeking to improve the ambience, guest satisfaction, attitude, performance, staff loyalty, cuisine or revenue streams. While covering and outlining the complete customer journey, we analyze every aspect of operation, market reach and potential, competitive strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. According to your target group, your own criteria and business areas relevant to you, we customize all audits: Starting with brand awareness, online presence and booking, through the actual stay and on-site travel experiences, to post-communication and follow ups. A full report will be provided with recommendations and guidance for the owners and management. Upon request, HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT will as well assist in the implementation of these recommendations in situ as required. → Start exploring… 

A close look at every little detail
so you can create big moments


In the face of increasing competition and guest reviews on comparison websites such as Tripadvisor, meeting the expectations of demanding top-travelers (let alone surpassing them) has become one of the biggest challenges for the hospitality industry. Reason enough to keep track of the performance and operation in the various departments and to assess them according to the company’s values, objective, specific needs and also subjective criteria.

But how can you determine whether your product is still up to date and meets the demands of today’s well travelled guests? How can you – in an unbiased way and with an objective outside eye – measure the quality and performance? The instrument used for this purpose, the external, mostly anonymous quality check, has many names. It is known as silent shopper, test customer, mystery shopper, mystery guesting, hotel inspector, quality check or service audit. What is meant is always the same: Evaluators and test persons who appear undercover as customers, guests or passengers in order to obtain indications of significant deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses by experiencing the various services, rooms and facilities. 

Unfortunately, there are many service companies or individuals in this field who are fairly unfamiliar with our luxury travel community or have no experience with the complex matters and interdependencies. Others – many of them skilled and seasoned evaluators, no doubt – work through predetermined checklists according to local or government controlled rating systems, counting the number of shoe shine machines, elevators, minibar inventory and conference rooms. In the process, these inspectors often have little sensitivity for the demands of high-end travelers as well as of the subtle correlation between service, staff-to-room ratio, location, design, amenities, cuisine and sincere hospitality.

HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT has a unique advantage in understanding what really works for the high-end guest. As a consulting firm that specializes exclusively within the travel industry, we are well positioned to help hotels, airlines and cruise lines with a desire to attract and service the world’s top travellers who are looking for that one-of-a-kind experiences. We work to one standard only: The best imaginable.

A more advanced and modern approach

What makes our Mystery Check so different? In a nutshell, it’s flexibility and decades of experience with high-end travelers. You (not us) decide what is relevant for your tailor-made mystery check and you alone choose exactly the focus. Whether you want a critical view on the overall impression or just the F&B area – whether cleanliness, communication, reservations or complaint management, website, brand awareness, teams communication, customer relations or follow-up… Take a look on our very detailed information on each of our consulting modules → here.

Keep the best – Transform the rest

Analysis and transformation
without business disruption

◼︎  360-degree analysis of your business challenges and processes

◼︎  Analysis of your market and competitors

◼︎  Design of the optimal roadmap and visualizing the outcome of your transformation project

◼︎  Predefined transformation scenarios, steps and components ensure project success

◼︎  Time saving and and mitigating risks by following simple scrum rules

◼︎  Fact-based decision-making in a volatile hospitality environment with rolling forecasts

Sometimes it’s just little things like a dripping faucet or a forgotten turndown service. Other times, it’s bad luck: staff shortages, a broken air conditioner, tardy room service or maybe a lost suitcase. These are the things your complaint management has to deal routinely with on a daily basis. 

But there is an unacceptable limit: A worn down ambience, dirty carpets, filthy bathrooms, a negligently cleaned swimming pool, miserable breakfast or a blasé service. And suddenly the management is surprised by all the negative comments on Tripadvisor and cancellations. This is why we analyze exactly how your team works. We take an unbiased look at the workflow, check the breakfast buffet, inspect the rooms and the cleanliness to find out what should be improved. For each company, wether hotel, resort, airline or cruise ship, we develop an individual concept, suggest updates or refurbishment where necessary and support organizations, teams and individuals in both, the discovery of their potential and the improvement of their performance. We will provide you with practical recommendations for increasing efficiency and, if so desired, we will facilitate in-house workshops for staff training. 

Whatever phase you are in,
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Claim your complimentary report!

    Our goal is to to help our clients to achieve optimal and sustainable results. To…

    ◼︎ remain competitive

    ◼︎ stimulate demand

    ◼︎ improve guest loyalty and guest satisfaction

    ◼︎ build high levels of employee commitment

    ◼︎ improve performance and empower for self-development

    ◼︎ increase visibility and brand awareness and

    ◼︎ gain actionable feedback for your business.

    HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT was born from the need for expert guidance and unbiased diagnosis in the high-end luxury market. Today, we set a new industry standard as an independent provider of customer-experience research, data and analytics for travel companies worldwide.

    So what exactly do you get when you request a case study or sample report? The document provides a comprehensive report of the research findings and the opportunity areas. It serves as the foundation for other materials that will be created depending on the particular purpose, type of business and audience. This is what is included:

    ◼︎  A step-by-step narrative and internal analysis of the experience
    ◼︎  A meticulous data collection:

    • Booking, Marketing and Internet
    • Brand recognition and positioning
    • Pricing
    • Arrival experience
    • Room experience
    • F&B (room service, restaurants and bar)
    • Spa services
    • Sports
    • Communications
    • Complaint handling
    • Management
    • Staff attitude
    • Team spirit and team communication
    • Premises and overall experience
    • Revenue streams and upselling
    • Tours and activities
    • Check-out and follow-up
    • Lost & Found

    ◼︎  Relevant picture documentation
    ◼︎  Action plans and opportunity areas
    ◼︎  Recommendations and strategic conclusions

    Please kindly note, that we offer mystery checks exclusively to our consulting clients.
    We do not offer mystery shopping as a stand-alone service without a consulting mandate.

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