We believe that company success relies on human beings, their personalities, competencies and potential. In our industry, where close personal contact with guests, assistance, communication as well as the ability to work well under stress are utmost important, teams are faced with an array of challenges that they may not naturally be equipped to deal with. This is especially true for luxury travel where we rely on employees taking considerable initiative to deliver the highest quality personalized service.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is a process in which work is done specifically with the entire team. The focus is on positive communication, mutual respect, improving cooperation within the team, building trust, having fun and creating a shared identity. The goal is to increase efficiency and to strengthen the team’s work & performance competence, to attract more talent and allow companies to grow more quickly.

How can team performance be increased?

The possibility to develop a team in the best possible way and, if necessary, to solve conflicts within a team can be achieved with different measures. Our shift from autocratic or patriarchal management to distributed leadership with today’s “flat” organizational structure took a century. Happily, more and more travel companies and hotels around the world are recognizing the importance of empathy, acceptance and understanding. But it needs both sides to build a bridge – the employee and the employer. Successful managers promote transparent communication, ensure a fear-free working environment, avoid micromanagement, place a great deal of emphasis on nurturing their staff’s strengths and encourage lifelong learning.  On the other side, all team members should be aware of their roles, responsibilities, tasks and skills in order to implement projects successfully. That is the theory. However, in practice it usually does not run so smoothly and without conflict. This can waste valuable time and energy and subsequently frustration, anger and above all negative effects on the success of the company.

At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT we offer the opportunity to set up the team in such a way that everyone pulls together to achieve a common goal. Not only do we create top down and bottom up changes but also more agile frameworks, with self-directed teams working collaboratively in short bursts.

Create a high-performing team
Increase your team’s performance
Improve cohesion and team spirit

Our approach

In addition to → operational consulting we offer individual and result-oriented assistance aiming towards long-term self-development. As part of our mystery shopping program we study and evaluate the working culture and communication between departments, so we can “smell, see and understand” the dynamics. Our services and workshops are custom-made, methodically proven and best practice. They are based on +30 years of experience in coaching, consulting and management.

Preventing escalation

All too often we experience that coaching is only used when there is already “fire on the roof” and serious problems in the cooperation become apparent. So the elephant in the room is: When is the best time to consider coaching or training as a preventive measure? Early signs that your team needs help with the development process are:

  • Your group isn’t hitting targets
  • There’s a communication breakdown in your team
  • There is a feedback gap
  • Morale is low
  • There’s tension in your team

We’ll broaden your horizons

Coaching can be used both for high-performing teams and for teams who could function more effectively in their workspace. It is used to enhance the dynamics and performance in any situation including:

  • Newly formed team to fast-track team cohesion and their ability to assist and engage with guests
  • To explore the culture of your team and develop the skills each individual requires to create a high performing, interdependent team culture
  • To build trust, relationship and understanding – the key ingredients for high performance
  • Exploring and defining roles and responsibilities
  • Supporting change and transition
  • Creating alignment around vision, goals and purpose
  • Solving conflict difficulties among team members which affect the whole team

We support managers, specialists and teams in the hospitality industry to successfully meet new challenges and to understand today’s dynamic and rapidly-changing expectations of high-end travellers. Our activities are tailored to their needs and are reflected in a customized training concept. All participants are actively involved, and managers, supervisors and department heads will play an integral part development process, including 1:1 meetings. Our approach is modular, scientifically based and aligned to answering individual questions. It can be used as a basis for decision making in recruitment and selection or as a tool in development processes. Statements about personality structure as well as behavioural tendencies of managers, specialists and teams are possible.

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